Visitors’ FAQ

Is this your first visit to our website? On this page, you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about our spiritual community.

new familyWhat time is your Sunday service?

Our service begins at 10:30 a.m.

How long are your services?

Our services usually last about an hour.

Where are your Sunday services?

San Luis Obispo Senior Center Auditorium
799 Pine Avenue
San Luis Obispo CA 92008
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What happens at a service?

We celebrate God in an inclusive, loving and inspiring environment. Sunday services are inspiring and positive. We provide you with practical tools to live a spiritually centered life! You’ll experience great music, friendly people, and the messages you hear will help you deal with the real-life issues you face during the week. Gentle harmonies of the singing bowls, as well as a guided meditation, will help you come home to your spirit.

What happens when I am a first-time visitor?

We welcome you with a guest packet to take home. This packet has material related to Unity Worldwide Ministries and to our church. We invite you to complete a registration card and sign our guest book, which will help us to keep you connected to information about programs and services we offer. If you have email, we will add you to our distribution list for our email announcements, if you wish. No one will call you or stop by your home unless you specifically request a call or visit. Your contact information will never be shared or sold. We make every attempt to protect your privacy.

What do I wear?

We are a welcoming community with a casual environment. Most of us will be dressed casually. Several people like to dress in their Sunday best. We welcome any style that makes you feel comfortable.

What denomination are you?

We are trans-denominational, in that we embrace all spiritual teachings and follow the teachings of Jesus as our wayshower. To those seeking spiritual growth, Unity offers a positive, practical, progressive approach to Christianity. Unity is viewed as a movement in consciousness, rather than as a religion.

I have children; do you have activities for them during your services?

We welcome children of all ages. Learn more about our programs for youth.

How can I learn more?

Read About Us and What is Unity? for starters; then, if you want to know more, explore the other pages on this website.

How do I get involved?

There are many ways to get connected. Please check the Calendar find out what’s happening this month. Volunteer opportunities within one of our community Ministries offer meaningful service with others who share your interests.

Please feel free to approach any of our leaders with questions, as they are here to serve you.

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