Spiritual Action

In the light of understanding, there is but one world, one people.

Unity of San Luis Obispo’s Spiritual Action Statement

Grounded in love and inspired by wisdom, Unity of San Luis Obispo supports personal and planetary transformation by taking nonviolent action to promote equality, cooperation, and peace among all beings and all nations.

Where we see hate speech, we respond with wise and rational communication.

Where we see discrimination and intolerance, we take action for inclusion and equality.

Where we see violence, we respond with nonviolent action.

Where we see partisan politics, we take action for bipartisan cooperation.

Where we see depletion and abuse of our natural resources, we take action to protect and nurture our planet.

Where we see apathy and despair, we offer compassion and hope.

Unity of San Luis Obispo donates a portion of our monthly tithes to local, national, and international organizations that support human rights and social justice.

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