Passover and Easter at Unity!

Dear Friends,

Spring is around the corner and there is an increasing expectation of better times ahead. Slowly but surely, increasing numbers of people are being vaccinated and soon we will have more opportunities to venture out and experience in-person connections with one another. Of course, we need to continue to wear our masks and take appropriate safety precautions. At  the same time, we want to remember to use our power of visualization to affirm bright and beautiful opportunities in the near future where we can come together and safely reach out and hug one another.

This coming Sunday, March 28, during our Sunday livestream, we will be celebrating Passover. This important Jewish holiday commemorates the Hebrews’ liberation from slavery after 400 years of bondage. The story of Moses and his epiphany on Mt. Sinai, his challenges to the Pharaoh to “Let my people go,” Pharaoh’s resistance and his final surrender to the Hebrews which was followed by the great Exodus from Egypt. These are exciting stories and powerful archetypes that represent the Hero’s Journey and our inherent ability to overcome adversity and free ourselves from bondage.

The following Sunday, April 4, we will celebrate Easter Sunday and the resurrecting power of the Christ Spirit within us all. After 40 days of releasing negative beliefs which have limited our ability to experience our inherent divinity, we are now free to express life with greater strength, energy, and spiritual power.

Please join us for these special events! We look forward to your participation in our virtual ministry.

Blessings of Love,


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