Important Message

Dear Friends,
This is a critical time in our history. Those of us who have studied and/or lived through totalitarian regimes understand how easily people can be deluded into believing that autocratic leaders are acting on behalf of the freedom of their people. It is also said that history will repeat itself until the lesson is learned. I pray that this is the time we will have learned the horrors of repeating that lesson. There is no doubt in my mind that our democracy has been weakened and severely compromised in the eyes of the world by power-driven members of Congress who have resorted to lies and scare tactics to gain control over their constituents. It seems the only way we can contribute to any sort of lasting change is to inform our local representatives that if they allow this behavior to go on we will choose not to vote for them again and, instead, look for candidates who exemplify a higher level of courage, maturity, and integrity. I am inviting you all to consider these actions at this time.
I also wish to remind you that while it is natural to feel saddened and horrified at the mistreatment of Ukrainian people, we need to remember to pray for all, including Vladimir Putin. If we truly believe that the Spirit of God indwells all, then we must understand that this power is present and active even in those whom we perceive as enemies. Remember, the goal is not eradication, but transformation!
The following is my response to my Unity colleagues to the question, “What will you be speaking about this Sunday?”
Along with our Black History tribute to Sojourner Truth, I will ask our viewers to acknowledge the spread of autocracy, and the dangerous consequences of standing by and watching history repeat itself. I will suggest that we do our part to help shift the consciousness of power-hungry aggression by letting our local representatives know that we will not support the contentious behaviors and constant power struggles among congressional members which only serve to escalate fear and mistrust while seriously weakening our democracy. Finally I will remind our viewers to include Russia and Vladimir Putin in our prayers for Divine Guidance, Wisdom and Compassion for all, as we make concerted and heartfelt efforts to move from a culture of violence to a culture of peace.

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