We recommend these books and meditations by our minister, Rev. Leona Evans, and her son, Matthew J. Evans.

The Evolving Peacemaker: A Commitment to Nonviolence

by Leona Evans (Author), Matthew J. Evans (Author)

Amazon #1 Best Seller and award-winning book that received the 2017 Living Now Evergreen Medal for World Peace and 2018 Gold Medals from the Beverly Hills Book Awards and the eLit Book Awards!

What does our future hold? Is it possible for humanity to exist indefinitely in a world overrun with wars, intolerance, and terrorism? Will our civilization that is steeped in centuries of violence eventually learn how to interact with one another in respectful and compassionate ways?

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Before It’s Too Late: An Essay on Spiritual Activism in a Politically Charged World

by Leona Evans (Author), Matthew J. Evans (Author)

Is it possible to transcend the pitfalls of partisan politics? Is there a way to successfully navigate through a bitter and chaotic political arena while still staying true to our humanitarian and spiritual ideals? Are we willing to gather our internal and external resources and focus on the protection and expansion of human rights through active civic engagement?

Two of the most influential spiritual and political leaders of the 20th century were Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. They were people of faith, who were inspired by their passion to extend their scope of activity into a world of violence and unrest. Through nonviolent means they combined spirituality and politics to make indelible changes to the fabric of our society…

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Nothing Is Too Good to Be True: 7 Steps to Personal Freedom & Creative Fulfillment

by Leona Evans Stefanko (Author), Carol Keefer (Author)

Nothing Is Too Good to Be True offers a uniquely presented, highly usable 7-step Creative Process for achieving goals, enhancing self-esteem, & cultivating inner peace. A variety of resources are provided, including thought-provoking exercises, meditations, & affirmations. THE SECRET IS THE PROCESS! This 7-Step Creative Process is more than a plan of action… it’s a philosophy of fulfillment — one that can guide and sustain you in every area of your life. There is a natural creative order in the universe. When this order is recognized & put into practice, great things happen! This process is not about changing yourself. It’s about “becoming yourself” and putting your uniqueness to work for you.

Dr. Gerald Jampolsky says, “Nothing is Too Good to Be True is a delightful, practical book for those seeking to expand their creative fulfillment.” It takes you on an exciting journey of discovery and introduces you to a way of life — a life of joy and fulfillment.

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Meditations for Transformation: Awakening the Soul Through the Enneagram

Leona Evans & Mark Welch

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